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Author Topic: Example  (Read 101 times)

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« on: October 15, 2008, 06:46:36 pm »

This is may sign up, and an Example of the kinds of things I might expect, so I aslo did both a picture and a description.

Name: Jordan Thomason
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance:   Jordan looks rather plain and tall standing around six foot, two. His head is rather large, making it hard to find too many hats that fit him, and his face is round, mainly because of his big cheeks. His nose is smooth, and a medium-plump size. Covering his dark brown eyes are wide oval glasses. His hair is also vary dark brown along with his eyebrows and the hair above his top lip, re-growing after a recent shave. Jordanís skin is becoming a half red tan color, and half pale, due to being outside a lot recently.
He has a generic, casual look. His hair has nothing of general difference, except that it goes about halfway down his neck and covers his ears. Jordanís fingers, legs and arms are long and stringy, unlike most people around him. He usually wears one color shirts with a design on them. His shirt he wears the most is a blue and green striped shirt, though. Jordan doesnít wear much variety for pants and shoes. He wears jean shorts and red sneakers.

Personality: Jordan to some people seems quite timid, but in all actuality he is very friendly. Not many people try to get to know him in his town, because he stands out in the crowd. Due to this he is secluded, and looks out for himself. He is very smart, and had all Aís in his school. His test scores even ranked tenth grade while he was in fifth.

Jordan has a quick temper, but he can act like the happiest person in the world while being extremely mad. He loves to kid around with his friends or family, and is usually great with kids. Jordan also gets bored easily. Another thing about him is he tends to forget a lot of things that arenít too important, so he usually uses a pad of paper and pen to keep track of things. Jordan is quite clumsy and often saying "whoops!" or "Sorry!

History: Jordan has had a pretty normal life. He was an only child so he was the only one in the household with spoiling privileges of course. He lived in Cerulean city until he was about three, and moved away to Pallet Town due to Rocket activity in Cerulean. His father was in a construction union, and his mother was an important PokeNAV developer and helps create several upgrades.
Jordan was always the smart goody two shoes of his school. He never got in trouble, and he befriended many teachers. He was the one to go to if you needed help with homework, and the one to be partners with during a project. Not too many of his classmates befriended him, though and he found most of his friends in the upper grades. He took a few forms of martial arts over the years, as a hobby, and also was in boy scouts, both of which he quit, but he still has several skills from both.  Over the years he has been saving money, and on his fifteenth birthday he finally found enough to buy a ticket for the S.S. Isles, a ship which has land on top of it.
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