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The story

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Author Topic: The story  (Read 33 times)

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« on: October 14, 2008, 10:18:21 am »

Evepa is a land in war.  On your pokemon journey you will travel in this land.  Many centuries ago when Evepa was founded the people who lived there decided to have a different kind of rule, but instead of a ruler, a council.  They also divided the land into west and east Evepa.  Each quadrant had a representative.  In this way one person wouldn’t have to take care of all of Evepa.
   The new political system worked well at first.  The council was made of the eleven that founded Evepa, and were honest, good people.  They decided to choose two people they knew that had different opinions.  Two hundred years later the new political system, and Evepa still stood.  The current representative of West Evepa was a good man named Max Gennith.  He was always aware of his lands troubles, but he couldn‘t do anything about it.  The land was short on money, and was in a drought.  An evil team, Team Frost, was preventing them from accessing and trading with East Evepa.
   Team Frost has many ice, grass, and water type Pokemon.  Their objective was to have East Evepa dominant.  Why was unknown, just that it would benefit them.  Their leader was Ickereen, who is the daughter of the evil Giovanni.  She is known to be cold and not care if the Evepa was destroyed , as long as she got what she wanted.
   Eventually an other team rose, called Team Gear.  Team Gear has many steel, fire, and rock type Pokemon.  Their objective was the opposite of Team Frost, to see West Evepa dominant.  Their leader was Emranz the son of Giovanni.  He only wants advancment in society, not for people to worry about nature, like his sister.
   Max was desperate, and needed an advisor.  Knowing a man who had the opposite look on things he hired Slipen Kenna.  Slippen is a sly, conniving man who would do anything to get his way.  He would even sell his own mother for money.  He was long and thin, with pale skin.  His hair is red and spiky. He normally wears sunglasses, and wears a black suit.  Max never wanted Slipen to replace him, but one day he died from Cancer and the west had no one else to turn to.  Once he was the leader he ignored his citizens’ needs and began to argue with the leader of East Evepa.  Her name is Crystal.  She and Slipen had a rivalry way back in high school.  They never agreed.  Slipen risked his life all the time for fun, while Crystal was all about safety, even at the sacrifice of all fun and excitement.
   They argued for a year that seemed to drag on forever, until they even started competing for superiority.  Finally they both declared war.  They stooped so low that they even joined with Team Frost and Gear.  Eventually a team named Team Peace was established secretly by the council.  Mainly using Psychic , dragon, and ghost Pokemon their goal is to stop Team Frost and Gear, as they are taking advantage of West and East Evepa and stop the pointless war.  Amist the chaos a Pokemon League was created in the region, and you have no idea of the problems at hand.  Will Team Peace win, or shall Team Frost and Gear destroy Evepa with the war, only you, the rpgers, can deside the outcome.
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