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1  Out of character / Forum games / Re: Count to 100! on: October 29, 2008, 04:57:50 pm
yay for 5!!!
2  Out of character / Forum games / Re: Count to 100! on: October 25, 2008, 09:38:07 pm
Yay an active member!  Anyways: 2
3  General Category / Sign ups / About the starting towns... on: October 21, 2008, 07:46:49 pm
When you are on your first topic the requirement of paragraphs is one, not two.  It is also expected when you make your topic you won't be able to post much, even I have only made a paragraph...
4  General Category / Evepa current events / Rudder Town gym closed on: October 19, 2008, 09:34:01 pm
The gym in Rudder town is currently closed, due to the leader being at Kiliz city.
5  General Category / Area descriptions / S.S. Isles descriptions on: October 19, 2008, 08:19:24 pm
Rudder Town: This place is a small town near the rear of the boat, to the point you can see the water splashing about from the engine.  The town is quite peacefull, and would look like any average town with an average of 1000 resedents, but it has a 20 story hotel, which usually houses visiters.  The first gym is also here, at the vary back of the ship.  The gym is small, with only three trainers inside.  To the front of the ship is Cog Forest.

Cog Forest: This is the boat's man made forest, which also has mechinory that powers the boat, and also a powerplant, which creates electricity by using the artifical river flowing through the forest.  water is pumped up the ship, filtered, then drops on the other side of the boat.  There is a path through the forest, which takes a bridge next to the Powerplant.

Route 1: This is probley the shortest route in the whole region.  It is a small grassy meadow which is the path from Cog forest to Kilitz City.  You will usually see novice trainers training their Pokeon here.  Besides this, there isn't much else to Route 1.

Kiliz City:  This city is a large gang city, although the outer rim of the city is a peaceful suberb.  Most of the city is industrialized, and many traveling buisnesses are stationed here.  If you wander to the center of the city, it is extremely likely to run into a gang member.  Most police here are at work 12 hours a day, and they rarely have nothing to do.  The city also has an elevator that takes you inside the ship, where half of the city is.  Not many people adventure down to this part of the city.
6  General Category / Info board / S.S. Isles on: October 15, 2008, 06:54:10 pm
No matter where you start from, you take the boat, The S.S. Isles.  The boat is a brand new modle, with an artifical island on top including two cities and wild Pokemon!  There are several trainer gifts included with the ticket.  You will be given a Pokenav, two Premire balls, and a potion, along with an exchange rate for the Evepan currancy called Urons (U).  Another servece of the boat is a gym of the new Evepan league.
7  General Category / Sign ups / Example on: October 15, 2008, 06:46:36 pm
This is may sign up, and an Example of the kinds of things I might expect, so I aslo did both a picture and a description.

Name: Jordan Thomason
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance:   Jordan looks rather plain and tall standing around six foot, two. His head is rather large, making it hard to find too many hats that fit him, and his face is round, mainly because of his big cheeks. His nose is smooth, and a medium-plump size. Covering his dark brown eyes are wide oval glasses. His hair is also vary dark brown along with his eyebrows and the hair above his top lip, re-growing after a recent shave. Jordan’s skin is becoming a half red tan color, and half pale, due to being outside a lot recently.
He has a generic, casual look. His hair has nothing of general difference, except that it goes about halfway down his neck and covers his ears. Jordan’s fingers, legs and arms are long and stringy, unlike most people around him. He usually wears one color shirts with a design on them. His shirt he wears the most is a blue and green striped shirt, though. Jordan doesn’t wear much variety for pants and shoes. He wears jean shorts and red sneakers.

Personality: Jordan to some people seems quite timid, but in all actuality he is very friendly. Not many people try to get to know him in his town, because he stands out in the crowd. Due to this he is secluded, and looks out for himself. He is very smart, and had all A’s in his school. His test scores even ranked tenth grade while he was in fifth.

Jordan has a quick temper, but he can act like the happiest person in the world while being extremely mad. He loves to kid around with his friends or family, and is usually great with kids. Jordan also gets bored easily. Another thing about him is he tends to forget a lot of things that aren’t too important, so he usually uses a pad of paper and pen to keep track of things. Jordan is quite clumsy and often saying "whoops!" or "Sorry!

History: Jordan has had a pretty normal life. He was an only child so he was the only one in the household with spoiling privileges of course. He lived in Cerulean city until he was about three, and moved away to Pallet Town due to Rocket activity in Cerulean. His father was in a construction union, and his mother was an important PokeNAV developer and helps create several upgrades.
Jordan was always the smart goody two shoes of his school. He never got in trouble, and he befriended many teachers. He was the one to go to if you needed help with homework, and the one to be partners with during a project. Not too many of his classmates befriended him, though and he found most of his friends in the upper grades. He took a few forms of martial arts over the years, as a hobby, and also was in boy scouts, both of which he quit, but he still has several skills from both.  Over the years he has been saving money, and on his fifteenth birthday he finally found enough to buy a ticket for the S.S. Isles, a ship which has land on top of it.
8  General Category / Sign ups / Re: Me!!!!!!!!! on: October 15, 2008, 03:58:32 pm
Name::Joseph Mahoney


Appearence::He is a slim and fit kid that always wears a hat that his fater gave him before he died. He wears jeans a T-shirt and a sweat shirt. His hair is brown,long and shaggy.He also has a backpack that he carrys with him to put his extra clothes,sleeping bag,tent,a flint his undies,etc.

Personality::Joseph's personality is very easy going. He is a nice,loving person. He rarley gets mad and is very forgiving. He is very friendly and makes friends with just about everybody. He loves his family and friends and would do anything for them. He treats his friends like family. There is one way to really make him mad though is treating pokemon wrong and doing things to his friends or family.He also loves to cook and is very good at it.

History::His fater died when he was ten years old and before he died he bought him a hat and he never takes it off and it was the last thing that his father bought him before he died.His dream is to become the best pokemon trainer/breeder in the world.He has always been jelous of his older brother because he was the best trainer in his town and he wants to be better than him.
Appearence needs to be more descriptice, such as what color is the backpack?  What style is it?  How big is it?  ect...  The personality is a bit one sided...  I don't see many flaws in his character.  All you typed was that he was nice, loving, and rarely gets mad.  You need to put two spaces, or atleast one after periods and you should watch the spelling, such as it's father, not fater.

Basicly he seems to have few flaws to his character...  Doesn't he have any bad secrets?  Any dislikes, ect?
9  General Category / Area descriptions / Re: Current map on: October 14, 2008, 05:02:47 pm
A key to the map=
10  Places outside of Evepa / Vermilion City / Pokemon Fan club on: October 14, 2008, 04:33:48 pm
In Vermilion instead of Oak, the Pokemon fan club has desided to hand out pokemon to new trainers. 





11  Places outside of Evepa / Pallet Town / Oak's lab on: October 14, 2008, 04:32:05 pm
It is the Oak family's home, as it is thier workplace.  This is where staff post starting Pokemon.


Pidgey; male

Slowpoke; male

Bronzor; genderless

Numel; Female

Teddiursa; Female
12  General Category / Area descriptions / Starting towns on: October 14, 2008, 10:32:59 am
First off, the places you can start are Pallet Town, and Vermilion city.

Pallet Town:

Apon a hill, is Professor Oak's old workplace, a windmil with several gardens for Pokemon to live in.  Gary Oak has taken over in his place, and is helping to give Pokemon to new trainers going to Evepa.  The land is still vary Village like near oak's house, but past the older homes, are several buisness buildings, streets, and suburbans.  Pallet town has advanced a lot over the past 20 years, as it is now a metropolis!

Vermilion city:

While Pallet town seems all the buisier, Vermilion is a bit quieter.  Why?  Beacause the gym has been moved to Lavender town.  The city is still a busy shipyard, but much of the polution of grimers and other things are gone.  People have passed rights to clean the city and put the grimers in a controled habatat, where they won't cause harm to others.  The city also has many added homes, but still has those dark allyways where gangsters hang around, so you better watch out...
13  General Category / Info board / The story on: October 14, 2008, 10:18:21 am
Evepa is a land in war.  On your pokemon journey you will travel in this land.  Many centuries ago when Evepa was founded the people who lived there decided to have a different kind of rule, but instead of a ruler, a council.  They also divided the land into west and east Evepa.  Each quadrant had a representative.  In this way one person wouldn’t have to take care of all of Evepa.
   The new political system worked well at first.  The council was made of the eleven that founded Evepa, and were honest, good people.  They decided to choose two people they knew that had different opinions.  Two hundred years later the new political system, and Evepa still stood.  The current representative of West Evepa was a good man named Max Gennith.  He was always aware of his lands troubles, but he couldn‘t do anything about it.  The land was short on money, and was in a drought.  An evil team, Team Frost, was preventing them from accessing and trading with East Evepa.
   Team Frost has many ice, grass, and water type Pokemon.  Their objective was to have East Evepa dominant.  Why was unknown, just that it would benefit them.  Their leader was Ickereen, who is the daughter of the evil Giovanni.  She is known to be cold and not care if the Evepa was destroyed , as long as she got what she wanted.
   Eventually an other team rose, called Team Gear.  Team Gear has many steel, fire, and rock type Pokemon.  Their objective was the opposite of Team Frost, to see West Evepa dominant.  Their leader was Emranz the son of Giovanni.  He only wants advancment in society, not for people to worry about nature, like his sister.
   Max was desperate, and needed an advisor.  Knowing a man who had the opposite look on things he hired Slipen Kenna.  Slippen is a sly, conniving man who would do anything to get his way.  He would even sell his own mother for money.  He was long and thin, with pale skin.  His hair is red and spiky. He normally wears sunglasses, and wears a black suit.  Max never wanted Slipen to replace him, but one day he died from Cancer and the west had no one else to turn to.  Once he was the leader he ignored his citizens’ needs and began to argue with the leader of East Evepa.  Her name is Crystal.  She and Slipen had a rivalry way back in high school.  They never agreed.  Slipen risked his life all the time for fun, while Crystal was all about safety, even at the sacrifice of all fun and excitement.
   They argued for a year that seemed to drag on forever, until they even started competing for superiority.  Finally they both declared war.  They stooped so low that they even joined with Team Frost and Gear.  Eventually a team named Team Peace was established secretly by the council.  Mainly using Psychic , dragon, and ghost Pokemon their goal is to stop Team Frost and Gear, as they are taking advantage of West and East Evepa and stop the pointless war.  Amist the chaos a Pokemon League was created in the region, and you have no idea of the problems at hand.  Will Team Peace win, or shall Team Frost and Gear destroy Evepa with the war, only you, the rpgers, can deside the outcome.
14  General Category / Area descriptions / Current map on: October 14, 2008, 10:08:43 am

It's not a masterpeice, but it will work...
15  General Category / Sign ups / Sign up template on: October 11, 2008, 10:28:46 pm
Age: * 10-18 *
Gender: * Male or Female please... *
Appearence: * You can put a picture if not, 2 paragraphs *
Personality: * 2 paragraphs long with 3-4 sentences *
History: * 2 paragraphs long *
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