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Title: Yumi Nakahara
Post by: Yumii on October 25, 2008, 06:29:07 pm
.:My Name is:.
Yumi Nakahara
.:My Age?:.
Fourteen [14] years old
.:My Looks:.
[Better picture may be found soon.]
When you first see Yumi, you may describe her as a cute little person, only standing at 5'2". Well, it's pretty small height for her. Since most of her friends were taller than her. Let's describe how she really looks instead of saying she's a 'small, cute' person. Head to toe, shall we?
Her head is a normal size, but can be considered pretty large to most some people. The shape of her head is pretty oval-shaped, but only ends at one point, which is the chin. Her nose is small and pointy, which can make people think that she has no nose due to how small it is. But something you should notice at first is how big her eyes are. Her eyes are a dark purple, but if you can see closely, a light purple can be seen. But, due to how large her eyes are, it's easy to notice the purple. Under her big eyes is a little nose. It's quite strange seeing someone with huge eyes, but also have a tiny nose. Now, for her mouth. Medium size, like everyone elses. I mean.. mostly. Now, let's go to her cheek description. Her cheeks are a rosy colour, due to her blushing too much way back in her past.
Personality: * 2 paragraphs long with 3-4 sentences *
History: * 2 paragraphs long *
[In Editing, so INCOMPLETE.]