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Title: S.S. Isles descriptions
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Rudder Town: This place is a small town near the rear of the boat, to the point you can see the water splashing about from the engine.  The town is quite peacefull, and would look like any average town with an average of 1000 resedents, but it has a 20 story hotel, which usually houses visiters.  The first gym is also here, at the vary back of the ship.  The gym is small, with only three trainers inside.  To the front of the ship is Cog Forest.

Cog Forest: This is the boat's man made forest, which also has mechinory that powers the boat, and also a powerplant, which creates electricity by using the artifical river flowing through the forest.  water is pumped up the ship, filtered, then drops on the other side of the boat.  There is a path through the forest, which takes a bridge next to the Powerplant.

Route 1: This is probley the shortest route in the whole region.  It is a small grassy meadow which is the path from Cog forest to Kilitz City.  You will usually see novice trainers training their Pokeon here.  Besides this, there isn't much else to Route 1.

Kiliz City:  This city is a large gang city, although the outer rim of the city is a peaceful suberb.  Most of the city is industrialized, and many traveling buisnesses are stationed here.  If you wander to the center of the city, it is extremely likely to run into a gang member.  Most police here are at work 12 hours a day, and they rarely have nothing to do.  The city also has an elevator that takes you inside the ship, where half of the city is.  Not many people adventure down to this part of the city.